Italy Stole a Pizza My Heart

Hello again friends!

Today I have decided to dedicate an entire blog to the food I ate in Italy (with a special appearance by some of the drinks!) If you are hungry turn away now, you have been warned!



First Meal in Italy: Couldn’t read the menu but this dish had something that sounded like Macaroni noodles in it so I ate it…It was delicious!

Restaurant: Trattoria Di Sordo, Florence


Restaurant: Cantina Bentivoglio


Restaurant: Cucineria La Mattonaia


Restaurant: Osteria dei Pazzi


Restaurant: Trattoria Casalinga



Restaurant: Pizza al taglio



Restaurant: Ristorante Fonte Gaia


Restaurant: Black Bar

Notable Pizza Places: Gusta Pizza, Mr. Pizza

Random Assortment


Restaurant: Salumeria Verdi (Pino’s Sandwiches)



Restaurant for the last two: Trattoria de Benvenuto

Cooking Class!






Bar: Moyo


Cafe: Nannini, Siena


Restaurant: Pizza Man

Notable Bars: Red Garter (for a fun night of American food and karaoke)

The Most Important Part of Eating in Italy: Gelato



Gelateria x2 : Gelateria Dei Neri


Gelateria: I CAN’T REMEBER (and it’s not on Google Maps :()


I do ❤ gelato

Gelateria: Amalo

Notable Gelateria’s: Venchi, Gelateria Edoardo (Can’t believe I don’t have a picture since I went there almost everyday…hands down the best)

Alright it’s one in the morning and I’m now starving, so that’s all folks! If you have any questions or comments leave them down below and I’d be happy to answer them!

Until Next Time,



I’m Back!

Long time no blog!

I think I am finally ready to jump back into blogging again! How is it already March??? I was planning on starting back up on February 1st but coming back from three weeks in Italy on a Friday and having to start the next semester on Monday has had me in constant catch up mode. And as is inevitable when you are going and going, I eventually crashed and burned into a feverish illness that forced me to basically sleep for three whole days.

But that is now behind me and I am ready to share my crazy start to the year! I have so many stories and photos from Italy, but I wanted to ask all of you if there was anything that you wanted to hear about specifically! I could talk about food, the city itself, day trips that I took, the Epiphany parade, and A LOT more. So leave a comment letting me know what you want to hear about and I’ll do my best to create blogs that you want to see moving forward! I cannot wait to finally share my adventures on here!

Until Tomorrow,


Not Goodbye…Just See You Later

Day Three Hundred and Sixty-Five

Well this is it. I made it through a year of daily(ish) blogging. Thank you to everyone who came along for the journey, even if just for a little while. In 2016 I am looking forward to blogging more on a weekly/bi-monthly basis as it will serve my schedule and memory better. I will be taking a break for almost all of January as I will be out of the country and want to focus on experiences and creating memories to blog about later. I will be journaling though so look out for posts come February! I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year! Here’s to making the next 365 count.

Until Next Time,

~Sarah aka WCG

A Look Back

Day Three Hundred and Sixty-Four

Wow how time flies. Tomorrow is already the end of my daily-blog journey and seeing that I started this blog as a New Years Resolution, I am taking a look back at the ones that I made on Day Two.

  1. Blog everyday.

While I may not have posted a blog everyday, (thanks to bad internet and poor memory) if I complete one tomorrow I will have done one for everyday of the year. So in my book this resolution was a success.

2. Exercise More/Eat Healthier

I started out strong, but this will always be something that I need to improve on! I just have a love of ice cream and a strong dislike of sweating ok.

3. Be more positive

I caught myself a lot this year spewing negative energy everywhere, but I have been trying to take more deep breaths and just let it go. After all you don’t know people’s stories.

4. Meet more new people

I certainly met more new people. In fact joining a sorority I met tons of new people. Some of those people have become my closest friends. So I’m counting this one as a success as well.

5. Be less afraid

I overthink a lot and that causes me to work up fears that are totally irrational. I hope that in 2016 I can finally say f#@k you fears I will do what I want and have many adventures. I should start off strong with a trip to Italy in 3 days!!!

Overall looking back I could have put more effort into some of my goals. I have done a lot of self reflection in the past month though and I think that 2016 will truly be my year. How did you do on your 2015 resolutions? Let me know!

Until Tomorrow,


Hitting Home

Day Three Hundred and Sixty-Two

It is finally starting to hit me that in five short days I will be leaving the country. Dreaming about this day I have imagined all the amazing experiences that I will have, but as it gets closer and closer I have started to realize all the nerve racking things that come with travel. The worst case scenarios have started to play through my head like, what if my luggage is lost, what if my bank card doesn’t work, what if I lose every piece of identification that I own, what if I get lost and cannot communicate at all? It is such a monumental experience that I am about to have and I know that everything will work out fine but it is still hitting home just how much travel entails.

Until Tomorrow,